Organic Lawn Care Companies

Organic lawn care companies, as the name suggests are there to ensure the best practices when it comes to caring for your lawn using the best methods and products that are environmental friendly. Otherwise known as green lawn maintenance, this type of care ensures that your lawn looks impeccable yet free from all harmful products.

What sets them apart from other Companies?

There are several outstanding differences between conventional and organic lawn caring. They include the following:

Conventional methods

  • Synthetic fertilizers
  • Chemical pesticides
  • Quick fix
  • Low mowing heights
  • Treats symptoms
  • Applications are based on calendar

Natural/ organic methods

  • Natural products used
  • Soil is tested before any other procedure
  • It takes a longer process
  • Product use is based on long term benefits
  • Main aim is to establish healthy soil
  • It actually solves the problem completely

While most lawns may seem greener from the outside, they impose great damages to both the environment and human health. They have effects, such as pollution of the soils and waterbeds, and general health threats to humans, pets, and wildlife. This is because the products used by homeowners to get rid of weeds, insects, and diseases contain unseen dangers especially in form of inert ingredients, which pose more danger than the active ingredients. They contain toxins, which are meant to kill and they are no exception for human lives. Some of the most common pesticides used are known to cause effects leading to cancers, birth defects, reproductive defects, liver and kidney damage, and disruption with the endocrine system. Some might leak into waterbeds and water sources causing fatal effects on fish and other important organisms to the environment. Children have higher chances of exposure to these chemicals due to their delicate organs that are still in the developing stages.

In most cases, doctors are not able to identify problems associated with pesticide poisoning and may misdiagnose sitting allergies. This may cause more harm to the affected individual, as they are not treating the main problem. All this is beside the fact that you as a lawn owner will spend a huge sum of money in buying these toxic products and spend even more in treating the side effects. This is where organic landscaping and care comes in.

There are five common steps involving organic lawn care. These include:

  • Awakening. It is the process of treating the soil in advance in order to prevent dormancy and attack by weeds.
  • Thriving. It involves the application of organic foliar that optimizes color density and root development.
  • Sustenance. This involves slow-release feeding and normally done during late spring to encourage natural health of the grass during the summer.
  • Rejuvenation. This is done in the early fall to ensure root development color and turf density. It is done using organic packages and nutrition for your lawn.
  • Preparation stage. It is done during winter and is doctored to give effective color to your lawn and suppress the weed.


With the awareness of the effects of chemical pesticides, many people and companies are embracing the idea of going natural in their lawns. Organic lawn care does not take a day to mature. It requires patience from an individual and what is even better is that you do not have to do this in person if you do not know the required procedures. Organic loan care companies can do the job for you and save you on unwanted costs and environmental hazards. They help you save both your time and your environment, and also ensure that your environment is healthy and literally green. Such companies also advice their customers on the ideal products to use and even how they can do this without necessarily having to call them. They have a sequential process of achieving a healthy and beautiful lawn and their most common services include the following:

  • Customizing your lawn-, they help you make your dream lawn into a reality. All you need to do is suggest to them what and how you need your lawn to look and they do the magic for you. This however takes a process as organic care is a process that needs sequential steps for best results. The organic treatments allow for maturity of your soil, making it lighter and reduce the chances of growth of weed, more disease resistance, and draught tolerance.
  • Seeding and lawn restoration-, this process involves advising on the type of seeds to plant so as to battle draught. Restoration is the process of transforming a lawn that was once under chemical use. It needs the steady process of organic care for sustenance and rejuvenation.
  • Mosquito and pest repelling with organic deterrent-, using organic mosquito repellants on your grass is best for killing mosquitoes and pests together with eggs and larvae. Such repellants are 100% free from toxins and are safe for both you and your family. ┬áSuch insecticides are also safe for organisms in the soil and fish in the water.

Unlike other lawn caring methods, organic lawn care takes time and long process, but the process is fulfilling in the long run. As a lawn owner, you are guaranteed of not only a picture perfect lawn, but also assure you of a lawn that is 100% healthy for you, your family, your pets and your entire environment.

Providers of organic services are available almost everywhere in the world due to the increasing demands by lawn owners and the health awareness raised. This makes it easier for you to get access to your best choice of organic service providers. This can be done through their websites over the internet as well as on social media platforms and forums. Finding the right company has never been easier, all it takes is effort from you as the lawn owner to make that first move and transform your dream lawn into a reality.

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