Benefits of Composting

Everyone talks about going green, or at least hears about it frequently, but taking the necessary steps to actually doing so isn’t always easy. It’s something that you’ve thought about and maybe even taken a step or two towards doing, but fully committing can be difficult. Composting can be especially difficult to get into, because most people didn’t grow up doing it. The good news is that once you being a composting regimen, it is easy to maintain and there are numerous benefits.


Helps sustain a healthy lawn and garden

There’s no better friend to a lawn or garden than some nutrient rich compost. Compost is known to retain moisture in the soil to help your grass and plants get all the nutrients they need to be healthy. In addition to that, compost has been proven to suppress both plant diseases and the number of pests. For these reasons, using compost is a great way to keep your garden and lawn healthy and productive.

Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers

For those that prefer the natural approach to their gardening and lawn care, there’s nothing more natural than compost. The all natural components of compost are perhaps the biggest reason for its popularity amongst its users.

Compost also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers Chemical fertilizers are primarily made of non-renewable resources. In addition, chemical fertilizers can successfully grow plants, but do nothing to sustain the soil which can lead to a gradual depletion of many nutrients in the soil. Repeatedly using chemical fertilizers can result in a toxic buildup of chemicals such as arsenic, cadmium, and uranium which can eventually find its way into fruits and vegetables.

Reduces methane emissions from landfills

In a time when we hear so much about our carbon footprint, composting is a great way to lower yours without requiring much effort at all. Methane is a greenhouse gas that, when emitted, absorbs sunlight and contributes to global warming. By composting, you are helping reduce the methane being emitted from landfills and creating a more sustainable source of food for your lawn or garden.

How to….

Composting isn’t only for people who have full-fledged gardens or a lot of green space around their house. In fact, it’s something you can do even if you live in an apartment or high rise.

For those people who plan on composting outside, you will first need to select a dry, shady spot, preferably near a water source. Add brown and green materials making sure that pieces are chopped if they are too big. You can use food scraps that you collect from your kitchen, just make sure you cover them with a layer of brown leaves. And be wary of organic materials that might take a long time to decompose, as they could end up attracting unwanted animals. Moisten any dry materials as they’re added and mix in grass clippings and green waste. The soil will be dark and rich when it is ready to be used.

Composting can also be done inside the house if that is a better option. A special composting bin can be purchased at any garden supplies store.

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