Best Gas Powered Weed Eaters

When you invest in a lawn and garden tool, you want to purchase an item that will last, not something that has to be repaired or replaced after every season. Gas Powered Weed Easters, also known and weed whackers, are fundamental in keeping weeds and other growth under control in a short amount of time. It’s standard for a weed eater to use a plastic line to cut through whatever is left behind by the lawn mower. They come gas powered, corded, or battery operated. Gas-powered weed whackers are great options because there are no cords to get tangled up and no battery that will die mid-use. However, there are so many options to choose from, it’s tough to determine what you need to take care of your yard. We compared all types of gas-powered weed whackers and found the three top contenders.

3-Remington RM2510 Rustler 25cc 2-Cycle 17-Inch Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Sitting in the number three spot is a Remington trimmer with a curved shaft that makes trimming yards faster and easier on you. This weed whacker focuses a lot on comfort. It weighs in at 15 pounds, but the price point is a few dollars cheaper than comparable brands. It has QuickStart technology, which is another way it’s designed for comfortable use. However, there are no interchangeable parts that make this a multi-function tool.

Remington RM2510 Rustler 25cc 2-Cycle 17-Inch Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

The most positive thing about the Remington trimmer is its 17-inch cutting width and dual line bump head, which allows you to cover larger areas in a faster time. The dual line bump head is a nice feature that quickly extends new trimmer line by bumping the head on the ground. If you’re looking for maneuverability and at an affordable price point, this is a great weed eater.

2-Ryobi 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

This Ryobi weed whacker is our number two recommended weed whacker.  It has a straight shaft and a full crank engine that extends the life up to two times longer. Plus, Ryobi makes universal attachments that transform this weed eater in a blower or a tiller.  It has Reel-Easy technology that allows for faster string loading and a Zip-Start Carburetor for fast and reliable start up.

Gas Powered Weed Eaters

It weighs about 12 pounds and comes with an adjustable handle for comfort. Ryobi offers a three-year warranty, which is better than other brands. However, the cutting width is only eight inches, which is smaller than most models. The added features and ability to use the tool to maintain an entire garden is what put this weed eater on our top three list.

1-Husqvarna 128DJx Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The number one weed eater on our list is a Husqvarna, one of the most trusted names in lawn and garden tools. It has a straight shaft and can be used on yards of all sizes. It has a Smart Start recoil system and a fuel pump. The cutting width is comparable to others at 17 inches. At about 20 pounds, it weighs more than the other two options, but it does come with a harness for added comfort and maneuverability.

Husqvarna 128DJx Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The best part about this tool, like the Ryobi, it accepts accessorial attachments, like hedge trimmers or pruners. Plus, it comes with a blade kit. It also uses E-Tech for reduced exhaust emissions and is CARB compliant. Even though it’s more expensive, this weed eater really does it all. You even get the option of extending your warranty to four years for registering your product online. If you want a versatile, eco-conscious, and time saving, this Husqvarna should be your number one choice.

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