Interior Design Home Decorating Mistakes: Common Decorating Mistakes Costs the Home Owner Time and Money

Decorating mistakes are often made by home owners when preparing the home to be sold on the real estate market. The mantra of less is more somehow always gets lost in translation and instead of homeowners taking things out of the home, they find themselves bringing more things into the home. Decorating is an attempt to visually create an environment where potential home buyers see themselves living. Let’s take a look at several decorating mistakes that can send a visual road block to the buyer.

  • Your front entrance is part of curb appeal. Once you get past the front door, the foyer or welcoming area is the next visualization point the buyer will see. This area will either be inviting and welcoming or it will not be in which case you have just lost the buyer because you have one chance, the first chance, to make a favorable impression. The foyer should not look like a plastic plant sale from your local discount store, nor should it appear bland. To provide a welcoming and positive impression, use a large mirror or artwork to accent the area. A vintage piece of furniture could be used to accentuate the area appropriate for the size of the foyer and style of the house.

Vintage piece of furniture

  • Art work should always be placed at eye level so the art work can be both seen and appreciated. Neither will be achieved if the art work is placed near the ceiling. Art work hung above a sofa should be placed approximately six inches above the sofa.

Art work. Eye level

  • Depersonalize the home as much as possible. This home is being sold to new home owners who must be able to visualize this as their home. It is really difficult to visualize this as your home when you are surrounded by personal photographs and someone else’s memories. Likewise, don’t permit clutter to visually block what should be a well defined traffic pattern.
  • Attempting to impress the potential buyer with all of your hi tech toys creates two problems. First, it does not impress the buyer and secondly all those toys have power cords, phone cords and USB cables that look like spaghetti wrapped around a two pronged fork. Cables should be out of sight, neatly cable tied together and well organized. If you have a flat screen television as part of your hi tech arsenal, that’s great, as long as the vertical cords are hidden from view.

  • Windows cannot be ignored with lack of any window treatment. Consider something simple and inexpensive, if a more formal look is not within your budget, such as a Roman shade or something similar. Windows that you thought were private without window treatments may just be the neighborhood’s little dark secret. Cover the windows with a window treatment.

Outside mount roman shade in Living Room Traditional with double hung windows curtains

Decorating mistakes cost the home owner both time and interest expense the longer the home sits on the market waiting for a potential buyer. Getting a qualified buyer to tour your home is an outstanding opportunity to create an environment in which the buyer can visualize this as their home. This visualization will be achieved whenever the home owner accepts the mantra that less really is more.

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